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Creating a Better Future with Sierra Prescott

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“Giving back is important to me, supporting the causes I believe in, and helping create a better future for the generations to come.” - Sierra Prescott

Sierra’s driving forces are skateboarding, photography, and philanthropy. She’s passionate about making the world a better place as an active donor and petition signer to improve her community and support the causes she believes in. Her positive mindset and infectious spirit can be sensed in her smile and captured in her skate tricks. We’ve been working with Sierra for the past several years and continue to be impressed by her selfless giving and vision for a more promising future. Of course, we love her style of skating and fashion sense too.

After the success of the SOCCO x Sierra Prescott “Pure Fun” Sock Series in 2019, we chatted about adding a charitable component for the next round of signature socks. Emerging from a challenging 2020, Sierra dialed up a trio of inspired designs with the idea to donate to https://onetreeplanted.org/. The SOCCO team responded with a resounding “YES!” to both the new designs and idea of planting trees in Sierra’s home state of California. As a result, one tree will be planted for every SOCCO x Sierra Prescott “More Fun” Series purchase and we hope you will join us in the reforestation efforts.

“Growing up in California, synonymous with warm weather and ample sunshine, comes damaging deforestation and deadly wildfires. Our forests provide a wide variety of benefits, including clean air and water, habitat, recreation, and unbelievable scenery. Since 2017, my home state has broken its own wildfire records year after year with 2020’s fire season having devoured almost three million acres and hundreds of millions of trees. While there are many factors at play, one way to help keep our planet healthy comes down to a simple task that you can help with — plant more trees.”- Sierra Prescott

Sierra is also passionate about the following groups and she encourages you to learn more about how you can help and be active in your community.

Sierra Club

Human Rights Campaign

Support + Feed

Feeding America 

Los Angeles LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce Member

World Wildlife Fund

Endangered Species Coalition



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 Skateboarder Sierra Prescott sitting on concrete wearing jeans and her signature SOCCO socks.

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