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Discover what Mike Vallely is doing in Des Moines

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Pro skateboarder Mike Vallely doing a skateboard trick in Des Moines, Iowa with snow on the ground Winter 2021

What can you tell us about your decision to relocate to Des Moines, Iowa?
Mike: My family and I relocated to Iowa at the end of 2020 for the bike trails, the waterways, and the proximity to urban and natural spaces. For the state parks, the seasons, the great independent businesses, restaurants, and friendly people. We’d been looking for a place to put down roots for some time, and we found everything we were looking for in Des Moines.

Pro skateboarder Mike Vallely standing in front of an open garage.

What can fans expect with the relaunch of Street Plant in spring of 2021?

Mike: We’re going to keep doing what we do best: make the highest quality skateboards and wheels, work with inspiring artists, and welcome all into skateboarding with love.

 Pro skateboarder Mike Vallely holding up a Des Popsicle skateboard from Street Plant.

Can you tell us about your current skateboard setup and a bit about the preferences for where you’re riding the most?

Mike: I’m riding our 8.5” Des Popsicle. This board is made in the USA at South Central in Alabama and screen printed at Screaming Squeegees in Southern California. The art is by Greg Higgins and celebrates our relocation to Des Moines. My skating preferences remain the same: anywhere, anytime.

Mike Vallely wearings shorts with SOCCO socks with Cariuma Shoes

And now you’re on the Cariuma Pro Team with some exciting up and comers. What advice or wisdom do you find yourself sharing most often?

Mike: Working with Cariuma is a blessing. I didn’t expect to reenter the sponsorship world at the age of fifty, but Cariuma is a special brand, and I am honored to be involved. The team has genuinely welcomed me, and I think that has done more for me than I can ever do for them. At this point, I’m a cheerleader, and it feels good to be in that role. I can only encourage these younger skaters on their path and to trust their individual approach and where and how it intersects with others. And to make the most of this season in their lives, to breathe it in deeply, and have fun. That will serve them individually, the brand, the team, and skateboarding the best.

Pro skateboarder Mike Vallely skateboarding on a wall of a parking garage in Winter 2021 in Des Moines Iowa.


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  • Mike is a legend and an influencer like no other. Love all the things he does for himself and his family. Thanks to him, my family were turned onto SOCCO socks, which we love!

    The Vhaidra Saga Author, Nik Stanosheck on

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