Olivia Wardlow and how she's been spending her time recently!

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Are you still doing school online? How has that been going?


Yes, I’m still doing online schooling. It’s actually going well. I have zoom meetings with my teachers and do homework every day. 


Do you get to talk to your friends? What apps do you use to communicate?


Yes, I still talk to my friends a lot. We use FaceTime and House Party apps.


What fun/creative things have you been doing to fill your time at home?


I play ping pong a lot and we’ve had family tournaments. My dad set up lines in our backyard to make kind of a net so my sister and I can play volleyball. I love that a lot.


How’s it been spending so much more time with mom?


I‘m actually spending more time with my whole family. 


How about your other activities, like volleyball, have you all been able to practice from home?


Yes, I’ve been practicing volleyball everyday with my sister and even sometimes with my team through zoom.


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