Signal Hill Speed Run

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Do you know Signal Hill? Check this documentary out! This is a great piece of history! So groovy!   In 1975, the Guinness World Records TV show called skateboard promoter James O'Mahoney – now owner of the Santa Barbara Surf Museum -- and asked him to stage a skateboard race. The result was the world’s first skateboard contest, which came to be known as the Signal Hill Speed Run. It soon turned into an annual event, with crowds of over 5,000, television crews, and coverage by Sports Illustrated. Some winners even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. The film, narrated by singer Ben Harper, shows the evolution of this downhill dash, which became notorious in its day and began attracting daredevils of all types, including women. It became a singular microcosm of the exploding skateboard culture worldwide, until closing for good in 1978.  


Look at this bad boy!!
Street Rocket


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