True Knee High Bold Stripes Bahama Blue | White
True Knee High Bold Stripes Bahama Blue | White

True Knee High Bold Stripes Bahama Blue | White

Color White
Length Knee High
Size S/M

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Reaching 12" above the ankle, these slick new  SOCCO TRUE KNEE HIGH socks deliver an abundance of style and comfort. Now let's talk about THAT COLOR! Bahama Blue delivers vibes from sea to sea. Let's see you in some!

American made transcendent styles, infused with modern tech, take groovy to a whole new level. SOCCO has upgraded the classic three stripe athletic tube socks of the 1970’s and 80’s to super cushiony cotton, moisture wicking polyester and a built-in functional heel for all day comfort whether on the streets, field or court. 

Tech Specs
Full foot and leg cushioning 
Moisture wicking and breathable body 
Built-in functional heel
Seamless toe 

Knee High - approx. 12” above ankle 


  • 66% Cotton
  • 27% Nylon
  • 5% Polyester
  • 2% Spandex

Proudly and solely made in the USA!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Athan V. (Hatfield, Massachusetts, United States)
Me likey

Will be ordering more

H. (New York, New York, United States)
Best quality long-high socks I’ve ever purchased.

The material is soft to the touch but it’s not too thin where over time the socks stretch out or the material starts to thin and causes tears. The slightly thicker (but not so thick that it’s hot) fabric provides just the right amount of compression so you know it’s not going to slide down.

I also am a fan of the proportions of the stripes. I personally don’t like it when other companies slap on 2 arbitrary sized stripes regardless of sock length type. So I is thoughtful around their stripe design and incorporate 3 stripes; 3 thicker stripes taking up more area of the knee-high socks and for their crew, 1 medium sized stripe is placed between 2 thinner stripes that again, matches the proportions of crew length socks.

Roary O. (Seattle, Washington, United States)
Retro Comfort

I'm truly amazed these actually reach my knees given how long my legs are, well done!

Anonymous (Bangor, Maine, United States)
cool socks

these are really groovy
socks i really dig them
there so like fun to wear

Lindsey C. (Costa Mesa, California, United States)
Best Socks Available Anywhere

I am very happy that I was pointed in the direction of these socks.

Most importantly, they stay on and you don’t have to pull them back up all day long.

The first time I wore Soccos I didn’t have to mess with them at all the whole day.
Which for socks made in 2022, is incredible.

They’re also soft, not too thick, not too thin, the right length and they look cool.
Thank you Soccos.
I’m so glad that these are available.

Don’t ever stop making them.

Lindsey Carmichael