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How Mike Vallely is dealing with the pandemic.

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The whole world has been impacted, but specifically how has your world been affected?

I was on tour when this hit, so I had to scramble a bit to get home. For my family and me, this has been a nice, quiet time for reflection. Not to say that aspects of this haven’t been hard, but we have not been personally affected to any great extent and have chosen to see the silver lining in this situation.



We’ve been following your stories and see that you’ve been biking and rucking, what else have you been doing to fill the time?

I’ve been making time for better lifestyle choices, creating better habits and routines, but most of my time has been working. Skateboard sales have remained pretty steady for us, and so mostly, I’ve been in the garage, packing and shipping orders. It’s been a blessing.


How has this affected your Black Flag tour outside of the current dates being postponed? Any updates as to when you’ll get back on tour?

I have decided to retire from touring at this point and step away from the band. The pandemic being the tipping point for me to realize I'd rather be home than on the road.


Are you working on anything special in your garage workshop that we could share?

We have lots of new products in the works, timelines are a bit shaky, even without a pandemic, haha, we can never really plan on firm delivery dates. One thing we have done during this time has been to make some Skateboards available for an affordable price; we called those Boards "Mediskation." They have sold out now, but we plan to keep that program around going forward at different times.


Are there any collaborations or exciting products that StreetPlant will be putting out this year that we could share with fans?

We just released a Board with Skateboard Legend Matt Hensley that sold out in a matter of days. We are ordering more of those for later this Summer, and we have plans to work with a few other Skate Legends later this year, namely Mark Gonzales. More info on that in the coming months.



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  • Cool to see that Vallely’s still going strong. Killer sock collab too, gonna get me a pair! Rock on…

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