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SOCCO Socks Brand and our SOCCO apparel and accessories are proudly Made in the USA.  We never grow tired of seeing or hearing our followers share how stoked they are with the high quality SOCCO represents.  The fact that we are able to have so much fun designing and producing Made in USA products is a bonus!  When we began SOCCO our vision of having fun was matched by the commitment to quality and bringing back the look we grew up with while producing our products in the USA. 

Why produce in the USA?  Lets look briefly at some history and perspective on American Made.. The Rise and Fall of American Made Apparel With the fall of American made apparel has come the steep decline in numbers of jobs for American clothing industry workers. In fact, 80% of apparel manufacturing jobs has been lost in the past 25 years. Where have those jobs gone?  To countries where work is cheap and labor and environmental regulations are lax. Along with the loss of jobs came the loss of high-quality, durable clothing. American made apparel is still higher quality and can withstand wear. But because foreign countries with lower labor standards make clothing that costs less money, consumers have gotten used to buying cheap clothes and simply replacing them when they wear out.

Those changing consumer buying patterns have contributed to the disappearance of American made apparel! Last year, only 2% of clothing bought in the USA was made in the USA. This has to do with the low costs of doing business abroad as well as a lack of environmental and social standards.  Clothing made in the USA is different.  Although it is costlier to produce garments here, clothing made in the USA assures that people are treated equitably and products manufactured are safe for workers, the environment and the consumers. Additionally, clothing made here creates American jobs and reduces the travel and therefore, carbon footprint of garments.

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Why You Should Buy Clothing Made in the USA Buying clothing Made in the USA strengthens the American dream. The organization American Made Matters puts it quite simply… "Every manufacturing job added creates three additional jobs."  Other estimates are as high as five additional jobs.  If consumers spent 1% more on American made clothing, it would create 200,000 additional jobs.  So let’s spend 5% more and create 1,000,000 jobs! Although the vast majority of clothing sold today is made abroad, there are still a few brands that only sell American made apparel, like SOCCO.  So what American made apparel can you buy today? Consider our SOCCO brand products!

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