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SOCCO is proud to introduce the Mike V. Barnyard collection Socks for Street Plant. 25 years ago, World Industries released the Mike Vallely Barnyard “double kick” deck. It was the first professionally endorsed symmetrically shaped deck, and the first to rattle street skaters out of resigned complacency with scaled-down vert shapes. Designed by Rodney Mullen, bankrolled by Steve Rocco and ridden in a legendary video edit by Mike Vallely, the Barnyard is the universally acknowledged forerunner of the modern, elliptical “popsicle stick” shape, and one of the most important deck designs in the history of skateboarding.


The Barnyard’s eye-catching art, which was both a stylistic departure from the deck art of the time as well as a strong personal statement for Mike Vallely, would turn out to be nearly as influential as its shape. Created by Mark Mckee, the graphic, which featured a cavalcade of cartoonish farm animals frolicking free in the eponymous barn yard, was both a reference to George Orwell’s novel Animal farm, and an expression of Vallely’s strongly held belief in vegetarianism and animal rights. We are stoked to be producing this Street Plant/SOCCO original and look forward the next model in the lineup. Buy them here


Socco-Street-Plant-Socks Socco-Street-Plant-Socks2 Socco-Street-Plant-Socks3 Socco-Street-Plant-Socks4 Socco-Street-Plant-Socks5 Socco-Street-Plant-Socks6 Socco-Street-Plant-Socks7 Socco-Street-Plant-Socks8


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