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Signal Hill Speed Run


Do you know Signal Hill? Check this documentary out! This is a great piece of history! So groovy!


In 1975, the Guinness World Records TV show called skateboard promoter James O’Mahoney – now owner of the Santa Barbara Surf Museum — and asked him to stage a skateboard race. The result was the world’s first skateboard contest, which came to be known as the Signal Hill Speed Run. It soon turned into an annual event, with crowds of over 5,000, television crews, and coverage by Sports Illustrated. Some winners even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. The film, narrated by singer Ben Harper, shows the evolution of this downhill dash, which became notorious in its day and began attracting daredevils of all types, including women. It became a singular microcosm of the exploding skateboard culture worldwide, until closing for good in 1978.


Look at this bad boy!!
Street Rocket

A man who built skateboarding history


Super groovy! Jim Goodrich
From 1978 to 1986 Jim worked  as a photo/journalist at Skateboarder Magazine, managing editor at TransWorld Skateboarding Magazine, and general manager and team coach at Gull Wing Products. Jim has had the opportunity to capture some of the most historical moments in skateboading and all the true godfathers of the industry! There isn’t a photographer or skater out there that isn’t familiar with his amazing work and hasn’t aspired to reach his level.  Tony-Alva_Gonzales-pool_jan-1978 Curt-Lindgren_Cal-Jam-2_mar-1978 jim_escondido-park-contest stacyperaltaphoto-by-jim-goodrich 72096_451360979532_744604532_5171525_1624309_n1 m_2777153_1Be9AS0MfDQM img078-copy

Endless Summer


Don’t we all like summer? Mr Brown felt the same so he decided to create a movie based on chasing summer. This is the classic!!!!


Made in USA


Guys from New Balance are doing it right and so we are. SOCCO is 100% made in USA and we like to keep it that way. It  means a lot to us and I hope you could support this.


New Balance Factory USA from steel Limited Editions on Vimeo.

“New Balance Adds Made In the USA Gear to Its Roster” – 10/10/13 New Balance is releasing their Made in the USA Apparel campaign November 1 following a very successful American made C-Note Sneaker.”


It’s always a good idea to support the local economy and keep our jobs at home but companies have to be smart and are motivated by the bottom-line.


Where is ?…..


The movie Searching For Animal Chin is such a influential movie! This movie did change soooo many peoples life without them knowing it. Cuz they were just kids! By the way, they still have not found Animal Chin yet. Have you seen him?





Rick Griffin


Well, if you google him or look up on Wikipedia, you will find more info. We just think Rick Griffin is rad and respect him for his style.

Rick Griffin (1944-1991) first reveled in the art and politics of the counterculture as a surfer. A teenager in Southern California during the late 1950s and early 1960s, he developed the seminal cartoon-strip character, Murphy, published in Surfer magazine. Griffin’s rebellious and prankish cartoon character initiated the surf cartoon genre and helped define the look and voice of the incipient surf culture. Griffin, a pioneer of surf cartoons and psychedelic album-cover art, lived in San Clemente during the 1970s. He died in a 1991 motorcycle accident.

wpid-griffin-5352griffin3 Blazing_Boards murphy3 wpid-griffin-5352



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